The Beseler 45V-XL is the finest enlarger that Beseler has ever made. It is a solid, reliable, and functionally superb productivity tool. All operating controls are right where they should be, resulting in less wasted time and effort. Its hefty, twin E-Channel, center-braced, vertical column assures that the center of the projected image remains stationary when changing image magnification. Thus, there is no need to re-position the enlarging easel, especially important with roll easel users. The extra long column permits enlargements greater than 24x on the baseboard from 35mm film with a 50mm lens. The 45V-XL accepts the Beseler 3 lens turret, all the 45 series light sources, all 45 series lensboards, and negative carriers.

The Beseler 45M is the condenser lamphouse for Beseler 4×5 series enlargers, including the 45M, 45MX, 45H, 45AF, 45MX II, 45MXT, and 45V-XL. The Beseler “cone of light” system provides optimum illumination for printing all negative formats up to 4″x 5″ without requiring the use of auxiliary condensers. The lamphouse includes the set of 6½” condenser lenses, lamphouse filter tray and filter support panel, condenser position scale (“negative stage indicator”), and 150W PH212 opal enlarging lamp.

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Film carriers available as £39.00 each



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