The De Vere 504 vertical enlarger system accepts all negative sizes from 110 to 5” x 4” with the correct film masks. With an extensive range of accessories and options, it fulfills all requirements that can be demanded by any photographer. The included bench can allow you to print up to 50 x 60cm (20” x 24”) using the appropriate lens for each negative size, however the enlarger can be wall mounted allowing you to use a bench of any size.

The Ilfospeed Multigrade 500 enlarger head and control system offers the black and white printer finger tip control of a wider contrast range than ever before. The use of high technology microprocessor electronics has produced a more sophisticated, yet simple to use, control unit featuring two digital displays – one for time and one for contrast. This system offers the black and white printer not only the convenience of modern technology but, together with multigrade variable contrast paper, the satisfaction of outstanding picture quality over a full six grade contrast range. Included is Ilfospeed Multigrade 500H Head, 500C Control Unit, 500S Power Supply Unit and 500P Exposure Probe.


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