– Introducing our professional standard copy stand for your copying, animation and product photography needs!
– Ideal for macro and close up copying work
– Photograph small and large items from coins and stamps up to documents, photos and paintings!
– Ideal for stop frame animation
– Becoming more popular in education, this copy stand or rostrum is a great way to teach young people about photography and animation!
– Includes two LED panel lights and mounting arms to illuminate the object you’re photographing
– LEDs are energy efficient and do not get hot
– LEDs also have bright, daylight light
– Ratcheted camera mount which makes moving the camera up and down the column easy
– Quick release plate for mounting a camera
– Angled column for shooting larger items without having the column in the photo
– Standard screw thread camera mount for most cameras including: Compact Point & Shoot cameras and DSLR cameras
– The quick release plate has two screw threads for your convenience
– The screw threads are 1/4″ and 3/8″ (6.35 mm and 9.53 mm)
– The larger thread is already installed on top of the smaller one, simply unscrew the larger thread if the smaller thread is required


– 72 CM Column
– 40 x 48 CM Base Board
– 2x LED Panel Lights with UK 3-PIN plug
– Quick Release Camera Mount
– 5kg Camera Weight Limit
LED Light Colour Temperature: 5600 K
LED Light Power: 18 W
LED Light LED Count: 96 LEDs
LED Light Dimensions: 14 x 20 CM