STEARMAN PRESS SP-445 4x5" Film Processing System(new)

The SP-445 makes 4×5″ film processing quick, easy and economic – loads like a film holder (double dark slide).  Just load in a darkroom or changing bag, then process in daylight

• Process up to four sheets of 4×5″ film at a time

• Uses only 475ml (16oz) of solution – other systems can use at least 40% more solution!

• Darkroom loading, then daylight operation

• Fills and drains quickly

• Inversion agitation, stand development, or anything in-between

• Built-in liquid level indicators

• Easy use of a thermometer during processing if required

• Rugged ABS plastic construction – excellent heat retaining properties, especially good for colour processing

• Compact ‘hip flask’ design – 20x17x4cm – makes it ideal for use on location


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